I started my research career in the field of Semantic Web (that is strongly reflected in my publication profile below). Participating in many different IT projects (spanning strategic projects and activities up to the support of software development projects) in industry and commerce, my research extended to explore also the interactions between pure research topics and the application in real world projects.

Research Interests

A few of my current research interests are:

  • Software Engineering in AI projects, Software Engineering for IT Systems with AI components
    • beneficial (with respect to time, budget, resources, quality, regulatory requirements) adjustments on Software Engineering methodologies and practices to build systems with AI components
  • AI-supported domain driven design
  • Agile Software Engineering with respect to organisational, methodological and technological implications and challenges, e.g.
    • agile with IT security practices and methodologies
    • agile with software architecture approaches
    • agility and established organizational structures


You can find my scientific publications at